Monday, October 19, 2009

the not so scientific science of the way i look

first go read here.

then look at how ellen page's character dresses in whip it.

(btw- this picture doesn't even begin to give you any idea of how horribly this girl dressed.)

the first is an example of people trying desperately to be beautiful and all end up looking the same. and the other is an example of someone wanting so desperately to not look like everyone else that they end up looking ridiculous.

my goal isn't exactly something i think about every day, but it certainly is to walk the line between the two. as much as i can't stand looking like everyone else, combat boots, clothes that don't match and an inch of eyeliner is not the right kind of fashion statement. everything about the girls in the front of the club screams "trying too hard." and the ellen page girl would say, "look at them trying so hard." but at the same time i look at the ellen page character and think, "trying too hard."

i can't stand the thought that anyone would ever look at me and think, "trying too hard." which is why my clothes always end up being on the safe side and i almost never wear makeup. nothing i ever wear looks like i take a chance. i walk the safe middle ground. makeup makes me feel like i'm asking for attention.

i think this is why i have red hair. it's my one way of standing out without looking like i've tried too hard. it looks real, and no one can accuse you of trying too hard with your real hair color.


Elaine said...

i love this blog post.

i don't think about it anymore. I don't go for any one trend nor do I care if it's too long as its professional enough to wear to work. If it looks cute, even if it's slightly mismatched, I'll wear it. I wear moccasins for goodness sake, and I know thats not popular or even remotely cool but they are comfortable and I'm on my feet a lot. People have made comments about what I wear, but its not been I must be doing something right. I can tell when someone is overdoing it though, and I just feel kinda bad for them..especially if they are insecure in other ways.

and don't ever change the red hair. i love it! if I had red hair id look really weird. but its perfect on you.

soniasax said...

Most importantly, you know who you are and what looks good on you. You have a classy sense of style.
I dress pretty conservatively but will occasionally bust out a crazy handbag or funky shoes. Was it you who said when in doubt, wear red shoes (or something about red shoes being versatile?). I wear red shoes fairly often.