Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i need an e-mail phone.

so its between the iphone and the blackberry.

i've done a big cost analysis spreadsheet and the iphone is $200 cheaper over the course of 2 years. but its $650+ upfront. the blackberry i could walk away with for $350. (keep in mind, neither of these is in the budget, i'm going to have to save.)

i really want the iphone, so i just have to save longer, but its going to be easier to just walk in to the tmobile store and shell out $350 and not have to worry about porting my number or changing my service or anything.

oh, but my newest idea is trying to find a blackberry on ebay. which i admit i'm a little leery of. seems like a risk, but i REALLY want an e-mail phone. and the best thing about if i do find one off ebay is that i don't have to reup my contract to get a discounted rate (the $350 is if i sign a contract for 2 years of data service.)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Heated Seats

See the below picture? See the feet leading away? Does that mean someone in the family died? See how they're by the baby? Does that mean a baby died? That's kind of disturbing. What's also disturbing is how happy the rest of the family looks. If you're going to put feet on there to let people know you lost a member, shouldn't you look a little more somber?

Separate issue- I don't ever see myself owning a luxury car. A) they cost more than I ever see myself being able to afford and B) once you spend that much on something you worry about it. And really, its just a car. But I do have to say, the more I ride in my boss' car (a new Lexus of some sort) the bigger a fan I become. For one feature alone- the heated seats. Its like having a heating pad in the car, and it makes your back feel great. I can't wait til Summer is here and I can try out the "cooled" seats feature.

I need a Civic with a seat heater option.

And, another picture of my view.

I took that from my front yard in the morning. I LOVE my view.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dear Gym,

How I haven't missed you.

My co-worker Daniel signed up for the gym, and I'm hoping we'll inspire each other to go more often. Of course, our gym isn't the greatest place in the world. The lines are long, the sauna is usually too crowded to use, and the music selection is awful.

But, we went. I did a half hour on the treadmill, then we did the "Curves" circuit. I couldn't use the sauna, because as I stated above, it was too crowded to use. I really really hope I don't have shin splints tomorrow. The sauna is the only thing I've ever found that keeps me from getting shin splints.

Now to just get myself to go back on Thursday.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl

It was good. If you care about historical accuracy, its not the movie for you. It doesn't even follow the book. The costumes were gorgeous. It didn't at all portray the passage of time very well. You get the impression that all these things happened in quick succession, instead of over the period of years. Eric Bana looks more like Henry the VIII did than Jonathan Rhys-Myers, but I think JRM might be better at the role. Scarlett Johannsen (sp) was good as Mary, but I like the girl from the Tudors better as Anne. In fact, I think the Tudors cast almost every role better.

This brings me to my next point- Netflix. I need to send my movies back. I've had Marie Antoinette for so long its ridiculous, but I can't bear to send it back. I love every thing about it and could watch it a million times. I haven't sent back the last disc of the Tudors, because I want to watch the special features, and they put the first episode of Californication on it too, so I want to watch that. And I have A History of Violence, which I want to watch because Eastern Promises was so good, and this is the same director, same lead actor. Right now Netflix is doing me no good. I need to send these back and get some fresh movies. I used to be really good about returning stuff so that I always had something new to watch. I meant to watch at least the Tudors stuff, or A History of Violence so I could send one back, but I've gotten nothing done this weekend that I meant to.

Last night we went back to El Conquistador. We actually did make it a month without going, and Leslie swears they remembered us and welcomed us back. We being the only straight gringos in the place. (Basically their clientele is Mexicans and gay guys. Of course we stand out.)

This weekend was a very relaxing weekend, and I probably will go into the office feeling refreshed. I didn't think about work at all, and I didn't even think about going into the office. Its nice.