Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stuff I'm missing.

Stuff I'm missing.

I'm writing a blog about the stuff I'm missing in the hopes that the cosmos decides to return them to me.

A) my clogs. Comfortable, butt ugly shoes.
B) white ballet flats with green polka dots
C) pearl necklace (I have a very pretty new one but I'd still like the old one back too.)
D) summer purse. It was the perfect summer purse.
E) cake CD- comfort eagle. Could be in my parents basement.
F) second Franz Ferdinand cd. Again, could be in my parents basement.
G) beck cd- the information. Definitely not in my parent's basement because I purchased it here.

That's all I can think of for right now but I know there's more. We'll see if anything turns up.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dear President Bush,

Thank you very much for my economic stimulus package. Seriously, Thank you.

It will allow me to pay off the Dr. and the Lab from my cancer scare earlier this year.

Maybe they'll use the money I give them to stimulate the economy.



Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now far be it from me

To make fun of someone for their age (well obviously not because I'm
about to post this...)

Maybe I should give him credit for still being with it considering all
he's already seen, but its still funny.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm at the laundrymat in the middle of the night. I'm dead tired. I
just worked a 15 hour day and the last thing I wanted to do was
laundry at 2am. But this is what you do when you haven't had a single
night that you left before midnight this week and you used your Sunday
to go to six flags.

My mom gets here tomorrow so obviously I had to have clean sheets and
towels for her and I was out of clothes anyway. I've had to work late
a) because I'm that busy and b) because I'm taking two half days and
one whole day to spend with her while she's here. If she weren't here,
I'd be doing just 12 hour days and then working this weekend.

I would like to pause a moment and thank leslie for cleaning the
bathroom. One less thing for me to do tonight. As it is my mom will be
dealing with the disaster zone that is my room.

I was talking to my boss tonight and she was asking if they could call
me with questions the next couple days if they needed to and then
added, "you should bring your mom to see the office. Don't worry we
won't make you work when you get here."

Part of my stress is that one on my people is taking a 2 week vacation
to Europe and I have had to figure out how to handle some of the
projects she's on while she's gone. (what I wouldnt give for a 2 week

Anyway, I can't wait to go home and crawl into bed until 5 when I have
to get up to go in to work to finish some things before going in for a
plan check appointment at 10:30. After that- pick up my mom and play
the next couple days by ear.

Btw- six flags was completely worth it. It turns out I love roller
coasters. I do not however, like a ride called gear house grinder. I
puked and went blind for a full 7 minutes after riding it. My favorite
is Tatsu- you hang from your stomach and are positioned like you're
flying. (Ps tatsu means standing in Japanese.) The lines were pretty
short everywhere so we were able to ride almost everything. We did
tatsu twice because its that awesome. Now I want to to back when X2 is
open. I can't believe that I like roller coasters so much. I wonder
what good ones I've missed at other amusement parks?

So now my wash is finished and I just have an hour for everything to
go in the dryer then its sleep, sweet sleep for 2 hours. That's really

Friday, May 2, 2008

Iron Man

I admit, I wanted to see this as soon as I'd seen the preview. I know
nothing about the comic book, but the preview made the movie seem
great AND it has Robert Downey, Jr. in it.*

The preview didn't lie. Its the perfect summer blockbuster movie. The
parts that are supposed to be funny actually are funny. The actionis
well done. The cast seems perfect. (Who knows if the fans of the comic
book would agree.) His gadgets are cool and the movie doesn't drag on.
What more can you ask for from a summer blockbuster?

If someone said to me, "I'm going to see Iron Man tonight. Do you want
to go?" I'd say yes in a heartbeat. I have no doubts I could see it
two days in a row.

My only problem with it was Robert Downey, Jr.'s facial hair, but that
may have just been how Tony Stark is drawn.

Point 2. I'm really upset I didn't title my last blog "Bears, beets,
Battlestar Galactic" or '"Bees?" "No, beads"'

*I have a weird crush on Robert Downey, Jr. You always know he's
going to end up back in rehab. But when he's functioning, he's amazing.

(PS- I posted this from my phone, because I can, and that's why I've ended up with the funky formatting. Weird.)