Monday, March 30, 2009

i feel sick to my stomach right now

and i have a massive headache.  and do you know what i'm convinced would make me feel better?

yup- a nice big KFC bowl of crap. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

we might have a new apartment.

surprisingly- i have good credit.  who would have guessed?

when turning in the application i mentioned that i'm in debt management, and that my credit isn't that great but i'm in the process of repairing it, etc. 

he called tonight and asked, "what did you mean you don't have good credit.  your score is 685."  so apparently years of debt management payments have already worked.  

so tomorrow we have to give randy notice that april will be our last month here and come to terms with kirk on move in date- but new apartment!  

it has heat!  (of course the cold season is mostly over.)  the windows open for air conditioning units!  two dedicated parking spots and they're not tandem!!!! (worth their weight in gold.)

so goodbye echo park.  hello koreatown.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

jon stewart

i think the above clip does say a lot. 

has michelle obama done things that i don't know about because i haven't been paying attention?
has michelle obama done things that i don't know about because the media only focuses on her clothing?
has michelle obama not done anything yet as the first lady besides attend functions? is that really what she wants her legacy to be?

in some ways, i'd give her a pass.  she's got two young kids, and her husband's job does require a lot of out of her even if she didn't have her own first lady agenda.  but, when you're a smart, educated, experienced woman- in the position she is to do good- should you waste the chance?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

going to the grocery store with no appetite

is just as bad as going hungry.  it's a waste of time.

wandering up and down each aisle, dismissing all foods as "not appetizing."

i went to do my week's grocery shopping and came back with triscuits, cheese, 3 apples, instant breakfast and a 12 pack of coke.  wow, that can really sustain a person.

this means more trips to the grocery are in store for me this week.  i'm making more of an effort to try and cook food lately, and keep things around that i can cook.  not working late all of the time helps.  when you get home from work at 8 every night, the last thing you want to do is spend 45 minutes cooking before you even begin to eat.  now i'm usually home by 7, and it isn't as much of a chore.  

cleaning up after cooking still is.  i can't wait to live someplace with a better kitchen, and maybe a working dishwasher. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Leslie got a job

which means we can move. 

i actually can't wait to move.  i love this apartment for what it is- but am tired of the drawbacks.  

i want an apartment where i have a real closet.  i can't wait for a real closet. 
with an oven and a bigger kitchen. (i know, i don't cook- but it would be nice to have the option.)
with heat.
with screens on the windows. 
with a bathroom that doesn't have an unpainted patch on the wall from when our landlord had mold removed. (at least the wall has been patched.  we went several months with a plastic tarp taped over the area until he finally got a drywaller in to do the patch.)
one that doesn't have random leaks and flood problems.
and one where maybe, just maybe- we could have a washer and dryer.
one where my bedroom is large enough for a queen sized bed. (i need a new bed but i've been putting it off til we move- because if my bedroom is large enough for a queen sized bed, i want it.)
and having someplace grown up.  i want to live in a grown up apartment. 

things i'm going to miss:  my view,  our street,  how cool our apartment stays through most of the summer, and  well right now, even as much as i love this apartment... i so desperately want to move that i'm having a hard time coming up with a list of the things i love. 

i want to start packing already.