Thursday, January 31, 2008

The bad migraine day-

I'm sick again, but I've been fighting it. Today triggered a migraine, and at 4 O'Clock I went to take my imitrex, knowing it was too late to really save myself, and realized I didn't have it with me.

I stood up from my desk and said, "I'm going home sick" and walked out of the building. I don't want to even think about what I left unfinished on my desk, or what I will need to do when I finish with court tomorrow. And the worst part is e-mail is down so I can't even look to see if my boss got the "I'm going home sick" email that I sent.

In the car on the way home I wasn't sure if I was going to make it home, and thought, "I should just go to the ER now." But realized that I don't know where the hospitals even are. It took me 1:15 to get home, which is what really killed me. I got home, took the medicine, and spent about an hour on the bathroom floor. For some reason when my migraines are at their worst, the bathroom floor is the place I want to be. There's some sort of comfort level with that proximity to the toilet. I don't have to move too far to vomit. Thank goodness I cleaned the floor. Although, when I'm that sick I don't care whose germs are around. Its after the fact that the knowledge I was lying on the bathroom floor grosses me out.

Anyway, I have court (where I will hopefully get $500) tomorrow. And who knows how long that will take. Then I have to go in to work and deal with the repurcussions of having just walked out like that.

And for some reason the spell check isn't working. So in addition to the grammatical errors and poorly punctuated sentences- please excuse the spelling.

(High point of the day- I found "The Arm" online, so now its on my iPod and I can listen to my heart's content. )

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh Coachella, you're killing me.

Coachella is a Southern California institution in which I will never be able to participate. 50,000 people in 100 degree plus temperatures watching bands perform on stages that they can't really see isn't exactly my scene. I wouldn't enjoy it. Too many people, too hot. Too little pay off.

The problem is that bands sign agreements saying they won't play LA for a set amount of time preceeding and following the event. This is what makes it so terrible. Islands is playing Coachella. And right after they announce playing Coachella, they put a song up that blows everything else they've done out of the water. "The Arm" went up on Myspace this morning, and I can't even count how many times I've listened to it. I want to cry its so good.

Everyone else is raving about Vampire Weekend, and don't get me wrong, I love Vampire Weekend. Its a fun CD. But I listen to parts of it and think, "Islands would have done this better." And so recently I've been really feeling the void left by no new Islands since early December 2005. We've gotten a few bootleg songs, and stuff like "Don't Take My Wings Away" but no real studio produced songs. And then they give me "The Arm" and just kill me. I have no fears about what Nick is creating without J'aime (and Alden.) He's doing just fine.

Anyway, They're leaving to tour Europe soon. Will come back and probably have the Coachella ban, and it won't be until May or June that I get to see them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Birthday

I'm making a big deal out of my birthday this year. A BIG deal. I'm inviting a ton (okay, like 15-17) of people. Basically everyone I like who I want to spend my birthday with. So far I'm undecided as to what we're going to do... but I know who I'm inviting.

I'm thinking dinner at Maggiano's, because they can handle large groups. But I'm not sure. Recently I heard you can get private rooms for karaoke, and that would be AMAZING, but Jeanette told Leslie that private karaoke is her idea and i can't use it. (actually, it was a threat of lawsuit, this is what happens when your friends are lawyers.)

But Maggiano's isn't all that interesting. I want to come up with something fun, and off beat that maybe I've never done before that I could drag my friends a long to. Not "Medieval Times" but kind of like that, only more LA. It would almost be funny to do something touristy like take a tour bus of Hollywood, then go have dinner at some tourist restaurant or something. I don't know, I'm still thinking.

Anyway- after I said yesterday that today's blog was going to be about my birthday- this happens.

One of the project administrators at work can read other peoples' calendars and e-mails. I had sent out the invite to the 6 people in my office who I want to come, and she saw it on their calendars, and then invited herself today. I don't want her to come, but here's how she invited herself. "I'd like to come to that if I'm not too old." How do you tell someone that she isn't "your people" and that her being there would bring the night down? It just absolutely would not be the same if she were there. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but my birthday will be about me getting what I want. So somehow this has to be fixed.

Monday, January 28, 2008

ahhhh, internet!

We've been without internet since Thursday, and its killed me. Luckily this weekend was sort of a low key weekend. We sat around doing nothing, watching the Tudors. Leslie had her party. But it would have been nice to you know, go on line, read emails, check everything.

But, we have internet now. Recap-

Thursday- There were two new episodes of Chuck. They really made me realize how much I miss new TV. I MISS new TV.

Friday- I stayed in. Relaxed. Watched the Tudors

Sat- Dinner for Leslie's birthday- then Leslie's party- V. fun. We went to Masa for dinner (i've never been to a restaurant so incredibly rude about the "no substitutions" rule. they wouldn't even let people order salad with the dressing on the side. when allison begged for dressing on the side, and it came back wrong the waitress actually said, "well you can see that i wrote it down right." it was laughable how horrible they were about catering to the customer. i wore my amazingly awesome dress (i'll have to take pictures) then to the fountain room. and then came home and stayed up all night talking. allison and chris left at 6:30, allen left at 7:30 when i went to get breakfast, and jeanette was asleep on our couch when i got back.

Sunday- slept all day to make up for staying up all Sat. night- watched the remaining two episodes of the tudors. went to bed and got a good night's sleep.

Monday- a) I discovered a sticker on my car. I swear it wasn't there before. Willis claims to have left it on Thursday. I can't believe i didn't notice it before. I got a present from my mom. A really pretty necklace, and a jesus bracelet. Leslie is jealous about the bracelet. and I have a new rule. Anytime I think about work outside of work, i have to stop. I get worked up and that's not what my time away from the office is supposed to be. My phone broke, and I couldn't get my text messages (and you know how I'm addicted to text messaging.) and so that wasn't going to work- but I just got off the phone with the service rep and he fixed it.

so, there's my extremely incoherent recap of my last few days without internet. this is what my life turns into without internet.

tomorrow's blog- my birthday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

open forum.

i made it through today. barely. i need to go to bed, but i'm not tired.

i met a new client, she was nice. the meeting took 4 and a half hours out of my day that i didn't feel like i could lose but oh well. tomorrow morning i have an 8:30 meeting that is going to be HORRIBLE. just horrible.

open forum- i'd talk about stuff at work, but i don't like that just anyone can read this. myspace gives you 4 levels of privacy for your blogs, which is nice. i could set who could read what. people without myspace, people who are my myspace friends, people on a preferred list, or just me. it made it a lot easier to not have to self edit what you vented about- just set who was allowed to read it.


my brilliant thought for the day. your car should have your cellphone number. if you take your keys out of your car, but your lights are still on, your car should call you after 5 minutes to let you know.

this didn't happen to me today, just i'm paranoid that i'll leave my lights on, and i think this would be an awesome feature.

my head is going to explode

i've got one of those sinus headaches of mine that will turn in to a full blown migraine in about 2 hours. and taking my migraine meds and crawling into bed would fix it, but of course i don't have that luxury. and of course eating breakfast triggered the nausea that migraines bring. i woke up with this at 5:30, took two aleve (first line of defense) and nothings going. next up is the imitrex (without the sleep) and hope that i make it through the day. i've got too much to do, meetings that can't be cancelled, and three people who i need to give work to or they've got nothing to do today.

life must be awesome for people who don't get migraines, because my life is going to be miserable today.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cloverfield- With some minor spoilers

(I still don't know why its called that. edit- a little websearch explained.)

Anyway- I think I liked the movie. (I'm debating on saying whether or not I loved it.) I love disaster movies, and you make a disaster movie with a big monster or aliens and I'm probably going to like it. This one was a great way to spend 90 minutes.

I was annoyed at first by the video camera style of filming thinking, "someone has wanted to do this since home movies of 9/11 cropped up I bet." but I got over it. It also took too long to get into the meat and potatoes part of the movie. But they did it to set up a storyline, that was pretty necessary to them staying in the city and not leaving the first (second if you count the bridge) chance they got. Also, I highly doubt the power really would have stayed on that long considering the situation. But, a 40 foot monster is attacking the city, and all the military force in the world isn't bringing it down. I think we're way past believable at this point.

What's probably best is that it leaves you with no answers at the end.

The second topic- I went to see it at the Mann's Grauman's Chinese Theater. I'm going to make an effort to do more things around the city (especially touristy things) so I know the place a little bit better. I'd been to Hollywood and Highland to go to Anne Taylor, and to bowl at Lucky Strikes, so I'd seen the area. But I'd never gone to the Chinese Theater. I think if I ever go again I'll take a tour.

What's kind of sad is all the people dressed up like movie characters out front who you can have your picture taken with. Its how these people make their living, and I can't imagine it pays well. Maybe its fulfilling work? The saddest was a 65 year old woman dressed up like Lucille Ball. I just kept thinking, "what does she do about health care?" She didn't look like she could keep it up much longer, and then how will she earn money?

The area was beyond crowded with tourists. Of course it was, its a tourist area. Most self respecting Angelinos wouldn't be caught dead at Hollywood and Highland. But I think its someplace you have to go at least once. (Or three times in my case.)

Someone should come up with a list of 101 places you must go in LA. I'd do it. (Next up Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. I've wanted to go, but Karl Pilkington's write up of it made me NEED to go.) Its right across the street from the Chinese Theater, so it looks like I'll be braving the area again.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

War and Peace

I try not to blog twice in the same day, and I've been saving my War and Peace blog until I finished the book. But something just happened that made me not be able to put it off any longer.

I admit, War and Peace is a hard read. Not impossible. But hard. I'm at page 857, and I've been reading it on and off for about 2 months. What happens is that I get to the war parts, get disinterested, and don't pick it up again for a week. I don't like reading about the war maneuvers. It also takes slightly longer, because I read the French parts in French first, to see what I think they say, then I go read the English translation to see how close I was. There are parts where half of every page is in French, so this adds to the time its taking to read it.

I've been reading this book comparing it to Anna Karenina, because that's the only other Tolstoy I've read. So far I don't know which book I like more. I love Anna Karenina, only because of Levin. I find Anna annoying, and don't think for one second that Vronsky was worth throwing her life away for. Do I think that she should have had to give up her friends and son for Vronsky because government and society said so? No. But even still, he wasn't worth it. But Levin. And Kitty. You love them both, with all of their faults.

In War and Peace you get Pierre, Natasha, Prince Andrei, Sonia, and many many many more. You love Pierre, despite his stupidity. You like Natasha, despite the fact that she's entirely self centered and doesn't always deserve what she gets. You like Bolkonsky (Prince Andrei) despite his moral superiority and you want the best for Sonia, because she's the harmless person who takes care of everyone else.

Anyway, I just got to something that made me hug the book. Yes, I hug books. When they make me especially happy, or something is really really funny, I just take a second and hug the book. All of my favorite books have that "hug it its so good" moment. So now War and Peace got added to the list.

Our Weird Neighbors Are Moving

Their house looks like a shack. They've got about 20 years of junk accumulated outside: abandoned appliances, stolen Starbucks umbrellas, chicken wire fencing that isn't continuous and therefore does no good, broken furniture. That always led me to believe they owned it. But over the past week they've been packing up their stuff and moving. This would be a great thing, except they're moving in to one floor of the house next to ours. I'm curious to know how much of the crap they're going to pack up to take with them to the new place, and how much they're going to leave behind.

What I'm really curious about is the car. They used to just have one car. A very very old burgundy Nissan of some sort. One day I saw them towing it on the street, and now its been parked in the same spot for at least three months, and they have two new (to them) cars. We have very very limited parking on our street, and many times when I've come home and had to park far away, I've been tempted to leave a note on their broken down car asking them to please park it someplace else. Other times I'm tempted to just call the police and find out what the code is on abandoned cars and have it towed. Depends on my mood.

What I'm also curious about is the shack. This neighborhood is going through a period of revitalization, and people with money are buying the places, and fixing them up. The shack is on a decent amount of land for LA, so I'm wondering if it will get knocked down and have two houses built on it, or whether the people who bought it will rehab it and spend some money on landscaping (that's what I'm hoping for. We don't have the parking for another house.) Nor is our street wide enough for construction equipment to make it up. Honestly, two cars can't even pass at a time.

Anyway, I guess I should be glad they are staying. All the weirdness of our street would have left with them. Our troubadour no longer wanders up and down the street playing guitar every night at 10. The cult vans aren't parked down in the cul-de-sac any more. We've got a band down the street who does practice really loudly from time to time, and throw massive parties that leave us unable to park within a mile of our house. But that's not that interesting- especially in LA. Every one's got that in their neighborhood.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Win

The Dots Game-

You can play the dots game online. The only problem is that the site I've found on which to play it is stupid. So its not a matter of "can I win?" but "by how much can I win?"

I've finally reached a point where I don't think I can ever beat the computer by any more. The computer is not that stupid. (red is me- blue the computer.) I usually have to give up about 8 squares in order to win. Three times I've been able to just give up four squares to win. But three? Three I don't think I can top. If I ever play the dots game again, I might look to see if there's a smarter site.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Change of the Weather

The thing I miss most about living in Atlanta (aside from the food: Moe's, Barbeque, Sweet Tea, Ted's Montana Grill) is the definite change from season to season. The summers are too hot, but they're different from fall, winter, and spring.

Here in LA its gorgeous every day. Gorgeous and chilly. Gorgeous and warm. Or just plain gorgeous. Where I live, maybe 10 days are hot. and maybe 3 weeks are cold cold.

And it almost never rains, and i LOVE the rain.

And it never snows.

One of my coworkers is from Atlanta as well, and today she said, "Its snowing at home." And I immediately got on the phone to my mother and said, "you have a job. You are to tell me every time it snows. " I need to experience it vicariously through her. She said, "its not snowing." And went to the front door and opened it and said, "Oh my god it just started snowing." I find it funny that someone 3000 miles away alerted her to the weather outside her front door.

I miss snow. I would love to plan a day up to go skiing somewhere around here. I hate to live so close, and not be able to partake. I pretty much think that skiing is the most fun sport on the face of the planet. Actually, its the only fun sport on the face of the planet. I think if I hadn't grown up in Florida, and gone skiing for the first time at the age of 21, I would have gotten really in to it.

Anyway, I'll end this with my favorite picture of snow/ice on the road out front of my parents' house.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 21

I went back to the doctor for the 3rd time today due to me having what we've decided is bird flu.

dr: how long have you had this?
me: this is officially day 21.
dr: wow, that's a really long time to be sick.
me: that's why I'm here.
dr: well adult onset asthma is really rare.
me: well i didn't think i had asthma. this was all triggered by a wicked cold that won't go away
dr: do you feel like you're having a hard time swallowing food? like its getting stuck in your throat or like you have heartburn?
me: no
dr: okay, well if you had that it would be this one condition. (goes into detail about condition)
me: well thanks, but i don't have that.
dr: well do you ever have irregular heartbeats?
me: yes, but i figured it was just stress.
dr: well, its a murmur, but i can put you on a medicine that's good for your stress/OCD and will help with your migraines.
me: thanks, but I'm letting my neurologist handle my migraines.

I swear, every dr. I've ever gone to has wanted to play around with putting me on different medicines for my migraines. Its like they've all just read some article and want someone to experiment on.

She offered to write refills on all of my meds (which now I'm wishing I'd taken her up on.) I left with two weeks worth of an allergy medicine that's supposed to be better for people with asthma. And she gave me a prescription for a nasal spray, which as soon as I told my mom about I was told not to take because its what caused her massive nosebleeds two months ago. Oh, and I'm supposed to use the inhaler as little as possible. Never mind that the inhaler is the only reason I can breathe sometimes.

And her office was grungy. I hate that you can never tell in advance whether or not the office will be decent. I would have left my card, but I hate medical work.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Last night Leslie, Ben, Allen and Leslie's friend Gretchen (who is in town visiting) were going to go see Infinity at Spaceland, and I was going to skip it, but honestly, how can you skip it when Infinity is a lesbian Journey cover band???

Leslie and Ben saw them by chance last year, and have been talking about it ever since. Last night was mine and Allen's (and obviously Gretchen's) first experience with Infinity. I have to admit, they had been a little oversold. Apparently their stage show is usually a lot, well let's just say more. Last night was a pretty tame version.

In LA, if you want to have a cover band have some sort of following, you have to have some sort of gimmick- in this case its the fact they're lesbians. And they're really good at it. The lead singer kind of looks like Steve Perry, which is scary, except she apparently loves it. She wears fake side burns to add to the likeness. The drummer wears a fake moustache. There are two guys in the band which does kind of ruin the effect. I heard people commenting on it last night.

Anyway, it was good to get out of the house and do something.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I guess I needed sleep-

All week at work they've been trying to send me home, telling me to take it easy. My response has been, "I feel fine. I just can't breathe. What's the difference between me not being able to breathe here, and me not being able to breathe at home? Here I'm at least catching up on stuff, because the bottleneck I'm creating with work is getting out of control."

Today I woke up early (7AM) because I guess I got used to getting up early all this week. Was back in bed at 8:45. Then I slept til 11:45. Then I managed to stay awake til 1:30, and fell asleep again til 5. I must have been really wiped out. Yesterday's migraine couldn't have helped.* I said yesterday that I am not going into work this weekend (there's so much I could do, especially with no on in the office to bother me) and I'm going to stick to it. I'm going to stay home, rest as much as I want. Sleep as much as I want. Watch the Tudors. Maybe do laundry if I feel like it.

I've been holed up in my room with the humidifier running. My lungs feel like the Sahara from the inhaler, so I'm hoping the misty air helps slightly. I can curl up in bed and watch TV and DVDs on my computer, and fall asleep at my leisure. I should know- its how I spent 8 days straight after getting back from Texas.

*That brings me to another subject- how I'm really not happy with my new health insurance so far. Old insurance- Imitrex = $30/month. New insurance Imitrex= $86. I don't know if there was some sort of deductible I had to meet or something, but that's not going to make me happy if its actually $56 more a month. I can't wait to see how much my other two monthly meds are. Considering my monthly premium also went up $30 a month, we really got the raw end of the deal on this. I feel like I didn't get a raise along with my promotion. I feel bad for the people who actually didn't get raises.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Great iPod Unheard Project-

Most of you know about my Great iPod Unheard Project already, (delete the playcounts of everything- put it all on one playlist- remove items from the playlist once the playcount shows 1 so that i know i've listened to it.)

Here's the deal though- as of starting this blog I have 1813 songs to go. I feel like I'm starting to get to the dregs of what's on my iPod. The stuff that I might say, "maybe I should delete that to make space for decent stuff."

I have a 30G iPod, and I'm down to 4 gigs free. They won't last too long I don't think. There's absolutely nothing wrong with my iPod. Nothing. but just knowing that I could go get a 80G for $250 or a 160G(!!!) for $350 kills me. I think I paid $350 for my 30G. I paid $250 for my 8Gmini. But I won't get a new iPod. I'll get an iPhone and keep my current iPod til it dies.

Anyway- back to the project- According to my Myspace blog I started this project on March 15th, so my goal is to finish it within the year. This means i have roughly 60 days to listen to 1813 songs. Average of 30 songs a day. Its time to start getting brutal. If I don't like it enough to listen to it (meaning I skip it when it comes up), maybe I don't like it enough to give it room on my iPod. According to my blog i had 4365 songs when I started- Now I have 4639, so I haven't really gotten that much new music this year. But it means I'm instituting a new rule-

Rule- any new songs I download have to be listened to immediately and cleared from the unheard list.

Someone ask me on the 15th if I'm finished, Please.

*note- by the end of tonight I'm down to 1793 songs. I think I covered my 30 for the day.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Favorite Way to Blow 15 Bucks Online

I’m not a big online shopper. Instant gratification is too important to me, so the process of waiting for something to come in the mail doesn’t work. Plus, I actually like stores and shopping. I like looking around at things, even if I can’t afford them. I like looking for what I’m going to buy. The internet robs me of all of that.

iTunes is the only exception. iTunes is instant gratification. I love iTunes for downloading one off songs. I don't use it for buying whole albums because I prefer to have the physical CD if I am going to have all the songs. But for one song at a time, its the greatest thing known to man.

My sister's request of a handheld yahtzee game led to me getting a $15 iTunes giftcard at christmas, so last night I got to spend an hour downloading songs. (so it was even better because my downloading was free!)

1- Vampire Weekend- Mansard Roof- my radio station started playing this a few weeks ago and I love it. I think I’m going to end up kicking myself for just buying one song instead of going to the store and buying the whole album.

2. The Real Tuesday Weld- Bathtime in Clerkenwell- They used this in an episode of Weeds and I liked it. And the Weeds website is great about listing all of the music they used in each episode so I was easily able to find what it was. If I’m ever healthy again its going to go on my workout mix for me to run to.

3. M.I.A. - Paper Planes- The first time I heard this I was kind of upset. How hard is it to write a good song when you just sample a fantastic Clash song? (Straight to Hell- its probably my second favorite Clash song.) Anyway- they play it a lot on the radio, and its grown on me. It’s a great song.

4. ‘NSync- Girlfriend (Neptunes Remix) Nelly does the rap for it. I’m sorry- but I love this song. I had to stop myself from downloading a bunch more ‘NSync songs. My old roommate Jessica used to have all of their CDs and I admit, I enjoyed them. I used them for working out- and they’re damn good workout songs. Someday I’ll add more ‘NSync to the collection.

5. Tripping Daisy- My Umbrella- I had this on a mix tape in highschool. I’m slowly trying to collect all the good songs from my mix tapes for my mp3 player. I probably hadn’t heard this song in 10 years- its great.

6. Dead Can Dance- The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove- Another highschool mix tape song. Believe me, I searched for this one on line for years. Thank god for itunes making downloads easier to find. I know I haven’t heard this song since 1996, and its just as good as I remember it.

7. Pat Benetar- We Belong- It’s a great song- and I just think of Kelly singing this to Ryan at the office kareoke Christmas party.

8. Big Audio Dynamite- Rush- I love this. I remember when I found out that BAD was an off shoot of the Clash. I thought, "this explains so much."

9. Big Audio Dynamite- The Globe- honestly, I’m not sure how I didn’t own this stuff earlier. I need to buy more of their stuff- but I’m just starting with these two songs for now.

10. Bjork- Its Oh So Quiet- This is a college song- Freshman year to be exact. A girl down the hall had this CD, and I borrowed it to put it on a mix tape. I loved its use in "Happy, Texas."

11. Eminem- Lose Yourself- Yes, I bought an Eminem song. This is another great song, but another example of how maybe its not so hard to make a great rap when you just sample a great song to begin with. (Okay, it’s a really good rap too.)

12. Lo Fidelity Allstars- Battleflag- This song was WAY overused when it came out- (its use on ER Was pretty good- remember when they were all partying to this song, while Dr. Carter was almost being stabbed to death by Paris from Gilmore Girl’s husband?) Now that I’m not sick of it I want to hear it occasionally.

13. Matthew Sweet- Sick of Myself- I used to have this CD (100% fun) somewhere, and now I can’t find it. This is the only song off of it that I really wanted still. I do love Matthew Sweet.

14. Matthew Sweet- Girlfriend- getting Sick of Myself inspired me to buy his best song ever- Girlfriend. I bought two songs named "Girlfriend" last night.

15. G Love & Special Sauce- Cold Beverage- Do people who didn’t go to school in Athens, GA listen to G Love & Special Sauce? I don’t know if they were regional or national. This was a college party song. Sophmore year I'm not sure I went to a single party where someone didn't refer to this song. That's also the year of Barenaked Ladies. I think every party I went to they played "if I had a million dollars."

And because I had 15 cents still I treated myself to one extra song.

16. Fiona Apple- Criminal- Okay, Fiona Apple might be a whack job from what I remember, but I love this song. This is freshman year of college to a T. (Am I dating myself to give references to when I listened to these songs?)

Anyway, I still have about 60 songs to download, but this put a nice, (free) fun dent in the list.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

KFC's Bowl O' Crap

My love of the Famous KFC Mashed Potato Bowl is widely known. So when Jim saw this
he kindly sent it on to me, and all i can think is that Patton Oswalt secretly loved it and is just exaggerating for effect.

When KFC came out with their "Famous" Mashed Potato Bowl I saw the ads and said "Dear god what will they do next? Did KFC just look around the kitchen and throw all of their crap in a bowl? Its a Bowl O' Crap." But I was secretly thinking, "that looks really good." I just couldn't get past the cheese. I didn't think the cheese would work. One day the topic came up at work, and the more we all discussed it, the more I knew I was going to have to try it.

My original caption for this photo from my original blog was "look- it actually looks like vomit. but it was oh so good. like, "eat the whole bowl even though you aren't still hungry and think that gluttony is a weakness" type good."

Everything about that bowl is delicious. My only issue was that it needed a biscuit (they've since added the option of getting it with a biscuit.) The cheese that I couldn't get past (and that Patton has such a huge issue with) is what ties the whole bowl together. The corn, little nuggets of flavor that give the bowl some surprise as you chew.

Here's where we call a spade a spade. Its a bowl of crap. My use of that phrase has now led everyone I know to call this the "Bowl O' Crap." KFC came out with a Mexican Famous Bowl and Ben named that one "bowl de caca." We don't know the word for bowl, but that's good enough. (Ben's comment when he tried the Bowl O' Crap at my suggestion was that he could feel his heart stop beating as he was eating.)

Tips for ordering the Bowl O' Crap-
1. Don't actually call it the Bowl O' Crap. We have to stop ourselves every time and think, "wait, I want the mashed potato bowl."

Tips for eating the Bowl O' Crap-
1. Get it with a biscuit. Mix the biscuit in.
2. Don't eat the whole thing, especially if its your first time eating it. You have to build up a tolerance for that amount of crap.
3. Plenty of water.

Every year for Lent I give up fast food, and this year the Bowl O' Crap was what I longed for the most. I cheated just once (at the time I thought I had a really good reason. I don't remember what it was.) and it was to get the Bowl O'Crap. My first fast food meal after Easter- the Bowl O' Crap.

I think I know what I'm getting for lunch tomorrow.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

why i love my room

people always ask, "how can you live in your room? its tiny." yes, my room is tiny, but have you looked out the window?

i've especially appreciated my view while i've been in bed sick for these past (counts) 8 days. i feel like i live in a treehouse. sure, my room IS tiny. there's room for almost nothing. but i have a view. its why when leslie and i got the apartment and the question of who got what room came up i quickly said, "i'll take the little one."

someday, if i ever get to build a dream house- this is the way my bed will be situated. with this view out the windows.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blog #3

I started blogging in 2004. I went back to look at my Livejournal, and see if it was worth resurrecting, but no- no it wasn't. I switched to Myspace in 2005, and now that I use Facebook I was thinking I'd start a Facebook blog. But really, do I want to switch blogs every time a new social networking site becomes more popular than another?

I wish there were some sort of site I could go to that had a calender on it, and I could just post all my past blog entries from all sites on it chronologically. I'd purge all the stupid ones, and all the surveys. I'd purge the ones that I gave no frame of reference for. I'd re-post the concert write ups, the book reviews, the ones where I had a point, or talked about something in my life that was still relevant.

We'll see how long this blog lasts, or if I continue to blog at Myspace because that's where my friends still post.