Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Heated Seats

See the below picture? See the feet leading away? Does that mean someone in the family died? See how they're by the baby? Does that mean a baby died? That's kind of disturbing. What's also disturbing is how happy the rest of the family looks. If you're going to put feet on there to let people know you lost a member, shouldn't you look a little more somber?

Separate issue- I don't ever see myself owning a luxury car. A) they cost more than I ever see myself being able to afford and B) once you spend that much on something you worry about it. And really, its just a car. But I do have to say, the more I ride in my boss' car (a new Lexus of some sort) the bigger a fan I become. For one feature alone- the heated seats. Its like having a heating pad in the car, and it makes your back feel great. I can't wait til Summer is here and I can try out the "cooled" seats feature.

I need a Civic with a seat heater option.

And, another picture of my view.

I took that from my front yard in the morning. I LOVE my view.


hokgardner said...

I love the view, and my "cheap" Hyundai has heated seats. B's fancy-schmancy BMW doesn't.

Anonymous said...

I'm still confused about that photo. Where is it from?

soniasax said...

That is an awesome view.

e said...

i will also request heated seats on my next car. that and a gps.

you have one of the best views ever.