Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i need an e-mail phone.

so its between the iphone and the blackberry.

i've done a big cost analysis spreadsheet and the iphone is $200 cheaper over the course of 2 years. but its $650+ upfront. the blackberry i could walk away with for $350. (keep in mind, neither of these is in the budget, i'm going to have to save.)

i really want the iphone, so i just have to save longer, but its going to be easier to just walk in to the tmobile store and shell out $350 and not have to worry about porting my number or changing my service or anything.

oh, but my newest idea is trying to find a blackberry on ebay. which i admit i'm a little leery of. seems like a risk, but i REALLY want an e-mail phone. and the best thing about if i do find one off ebay is that i don't have to reup my contract to get a discounted rate (the $350 is if i sign a contract for 2 years of data service.)


soniasax said...

i was just playing with an iPhone in the apple store. it's very...smooth.

given your situation, i say get the blackberry through your current provider.

Elaine said...

I don't know enough about either so I can't really give solid advice. But I say go for the one that has GPS, since you mentioned wanting that. (unless they both do but I did hear the iphone does)

either way, both are awesome. and for your line of work...I don't blame you for wanting one.

Anonymous said...

you should get one from india. I swear, they're really nice and inexpensive there because they're sold on the black market