Tuesday, April 29, 2008

bees, fires and baby mama

bees- we have a swarm of baby bees outside our front door. normally this would freak me out- but i'm excited. i hope they don't get wing fungus. i'm wondering if i should report it to some bee tracking agency or something?

fires- i'm sick from the fires over in sierra madre. i woke up yesterday with a headache and ash all over my car. i kind of thought, "i wonder if there's a fire around?" but didn't listen to the radio all day. on my way home i turned on the radio and they said, "the fires over in sierra madre..." i mapped it and its 17 miles from my house. definitely close enough for the smoke to affect me, and for there to be ash on my car.

baby mama- could have been so much funnier- but turned into more of a chick flick. it wasn't bad, but i wanted to laugh the whole way through. i think the parts are definitely better than the whole. what was more amusing was the woman sitting behind us who talked to the screen through the whole movie- about how the process happens. "ha, that's not how that works." "uh un, that's not how it happens." "no, she wouldn't really do that." etc. maureen turned to me and asked, "how many times do you think she's done this?"

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elaine said...

im glad to hear that there are bees somewhere in CA, i keep hearing that they are disappearing from the west coast.