Friday, May 2, 2008

Iron Man

I admit, I wanted to see this as soon as I'd seen the preview. I know
nothing about the comic book, but the preview made the movie seem
great AND it has Robert Downey, Jr. in it.*

The preview didn't lie. Its the perfect summer blockbuster movie. The
parts that are supposed to be funny actually are funny. The actionis
well done. The cast seems perfect. (Who knows if the fans of the comic
book would agree.) His gadgets are cool and the movie doesn't drag on.
What more can you ask for from a summer blockbuster?

If someone said to me, "I'm going to see Iron Man tonight. Do you want
to go?" I'd say yes in a heartbeat. I have no doubts I could see it
two days in a row.

My only problem with it was Robert Downey, Jr.'s facial hair, but that
may have just been how Tony Stark is drawn.

Point 2. I'm really upset I didn't title my last blog "Bears, beets,
Battlestar Galactic" or '"Bees?" "No, beads"'

*I have a weird crush on Robert Downey, Jr. You always know he's
going to end up back in rehab. But when he's functioning, he's amazing.

(PS- I posted this from my phone, because I can, and that's why I've ended up with the funky formatting. Weird.)


elaine said...

lol @ robert downey jr. he seems to be doing much better and I hope it stays that way.

I still can't believe jon f. directed this. It seems so unlike his type of movie. I'll put it on my Netflix list.

Keeffer said...

he's in it as a bodyguard/driver. i kept thinking, "why on earth did jon favreau take the smallest part known to man, unless he knows there will be a sequel and his part becomes bigger?"

then the credits come up and his name is right up there "directed by jon favreau" and it all makes sense.