Thursday, February 5, 2009

day 3

its my third day of being home sick from work (not including my days in aspen where i was sick last week.) and i know i'm on the mend because i'm bored out of my skull.  i still couldn't have gone in to work today if i tried.  i would have fallen asleep at the wheel on my way in, or at my desk, or coughed up a lung in someone's face, but i should be fine tomorrow.  

but help! i'm bored.  i've watched season 1 of my new favorite TV show, pushing daisies.  i've re-watched miss pettigrew lives for a day (simply because ned from pushing daisies is in it.)  i've watched a million crappy movies on netflix instant view.  i'm about to put in disc 1 of season 2 of the tudors.  but i know i'll still be bored.  i want to go out and DO something.  but i don't quite feel well enough to really do anything.  

maybe later i'll go to target to pick up supplies to start the cleaning and disinfecting process.  i'm paranoid that if i don't thoroughly clean everything either i'll catch this again next week, or leslie will catch it from me inadvertently.  

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Elaine said...

oh man, feel better. at least this isnt as bad as last year so maybe the flu shot prevented a little.

i realllly liked pushing daises. it's a shame it was cancelled. i hope abc reconsiders. there need to be more shows like that.