Monday, February 16, 2009

my moment of zen

I've been watching Jon Stewart for 10 years now.  

1999- end of the clinton administration- good fodder for funny.
2000- the first indecision.  indecision 2000- george w. v. al gore.  what could be funnier?
2001- the swearing in of george w, leading to 8 years of prime, prime material.  the writers couldn't have made up better stuff to work with.
2008- indecision 2008- while mccain is no george w.,  they still had plenty to work with.

which brings us to now.  barack obama.  the question was- could he still be funny with someone with a brain, respectability, and who actually won the election in the white house? 

answer- yes.  he takes his shots at obama.  sure- he goes easy.  he doesn't have to dig into him.  he's got the economic failure of our country and the house and senate dealing with it to rip in to.  what would he be doing without the clusterf*&k to the poor house?  i don't know, but at least there's one upside to what's going on right now.


soniasax said...

i need to watch more episodes. the two i've seen since the election felt a little weak to me, but i probably just need to warm up to non- bush/mccain/palin jokes.

Elaine said...

i don't watch it like i used to. he will always be funny..but it's his team. and i agree with sonia, some of them can be really dry.

nothing will ever ever top the colbert-carrell fights.

and we no longer have a Senior Correspondent on Child Molestation. you can't top it after a team like that.