Sunday, May 10, 2009

our house is warmed

we had our housewarming party for the new place in koreatown last night.  it was  a lot of fun.  at least i had fun.  we have so much alcohol left over though its not even funny.  we had bought a lot, but then everyone who came (almost everyone who came) brought their own, and stuff as gifts.  i'm swimming in amaretto.  (note- i am not complaining.  i have enough to last a year or 2 at least.)

so now begins the cleanup.  i took three huge garbage bags of recycling over the the recycling center already.  i've cleaned the sink and the dishes.  someone spilled a beer all over the floor of my bathroom, so that's got to be addressed.  (at least i really hope its a beer and not something else.) and do laundry.  party throwing may be a lot of prep work, expensive, and a lot of cleanup afterwards, but the party itself is definitely worth it.  

now i've got to keep myself up for the rest of the day.  i went to bed at 5, which wouldn't have been too bad had it not been for the mariachi band starting to play at 9 this morning.  i'm not kidding, full blown mariachi band.  i went back to bed until about 1 once they quit, and if i take a nap now, i'm screwed for sleep tonight.  

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Elaine said...

sell the beer imo
prevent the beer belly any way you can