Wednesday, May 13, 2009

star trek

was fantastic!!!!

i loved it.  i'm pretty sure there were a lot of jokes i didn't get, not being a trekkie, but there were a lot of jokes i did get, and they were good.  

plot is absolutely secondary in this movie.  it's just a funny, fun, exciting way to spend 2 hours.  casting was great, and you walk out of there waiting for them to make a second one.  so much of this was the "reboot", introducing a new generation to the characters and the idea of star trek, that you know they are going somewhere with it.

one complaint- not enough simon pegg.  i usually say simon pegg isn't good unless he's got nick frost to back him up, in something written by edgar wright, but this was the perfect role.


Elaine said...

i have never been a fan of star trak..i just cant get into it. but i know i will watch this. everyone i know is telling me it was awesome! i saw wolverine instead and i now want hugh jackman.

thanks for the review. i will def check it out when its on dvd.

soniasax said...

i'm not a trekkie either. i watched the original series a little as a kid. but everyone is raving about this, so i think i'll see it. thanks for the review!