Thursday, July 16, 2009

H-Pot and the Half Blood Prince (Spoilers)

very good.  very, very good.

my only complaints

1. i think even this one was too long to make in to just one movie.  
2. the problem for me is that i kind of sit there watching going, "okay are they going to show this part? how are they going to handle this?"  i actually think it will be better the second time because i know what they've left in, changed, and tossed.
3. for those of us who know that snape and dumbledore had a deal, the ending isn't as shocking.  for those in the theater who haven't read book seven yet, i bet the end of the movie was a lot better.  but for those of us (90%) who have, we know the score and therefore were making sure it all fell in place with what we know happens next.  and they put little nods and clues in there to items from book seven.  v. well done.

it was so beautifully filmed, funny, sweet, everything.  i'm so glad that not a single one of these movies has disappointed yet.  i know everyone has their favorite(s) but you can't really say that any of them has been bad.  


hokgardner said...

I can't wait to see it next week!

Diane said...

The part that bothered me before, what we talked about... still bothers me. But I have since talked myself into WHY they did it.

Otherwise, it was really good. I gasped at a few places even though I knew what was coming. I even held my breath as snape approached dumbledore.

One of my favorite parts was the drive home. My parents were discussing what happened, what they thought was going to happen, and asking questions. They were surprisingly pretty spot on. They picked up the clues as to who RAB is. Their major complaint was that this film to be a setup for the finale.

soniasax said...

jim was in that 10%. walking out of the theater, he says "am i the only one here who didn't know about dumbledore?"
i was pretty happy with it. i thought it was the funniest movie so far. of course, anytime they omitted or changed something from the book, i got annoyed. but i need to get over that.
also, i thought snape looked especially hot in this one.