Friday, July 10, 2009


believe me, i'd like to use a much harsher word above.

i just found a lump in my breast.  of course it's probably nothing.  but i'm all of the sudden extremely scared, and i can't sleep.

and of course, even if it does turn out to be nothing, i now have to deal with a series of doctors appointments i'd rather not have to go through.

the funny thing is i've always thought, "how would anyone ever be able to feel a lump?" well, i now know.  you can feel it when there's something the size of a pea in there. 



Elaine said...

it'll be benign if you need a biopsy! your mom and sis don't have a history right? so im sure it's nothing. And you are too too young.

doctors appt's can suck it. i hate them too.

It's possible that it could go away. maybe its just a lymph node from a viral thing running through your system. people get that under their pits and then they go away.


soniasax said...

i'd be scared, too. but as laney said, it's most likely benign. i hope the doc's appts. aren't too bad. hang in there.

Beth said...

I hope elverything is alright. Keep us updated!