Thursday, August 27, 2009

just gross

this is the hillside that is on fire. i couldn't actually get pictures of the flames, but they're there. oh they're there. and this was still when i was 5 miles from home. my house is 5 miles closer to where the smoke is.

the air smells horrible. i can't breathe. the two fires in azuza (and maybe in monrovia?) were bad enough. i didn't need the hills in town to burst in to flames.

i just looked at the picture again, and it doesn't even look near menacing enough to show how bad the sky got the closer i got to it.

i want a house with air conditioning and hepa filtration installed. with every crack and crevice sealed off so i know i'm breathing only pure clean filtered air.


Diane said...

Welcome to the end of summer! I hope they are able to contain more of the fires tonight. The scariest part for me is when the ashes start falling on your car. It's like a death snow.

We are smoke free out here... so far...let me know if you need a break!

soniasax said...

Looks and sounds utterly hellish. Your poor lungs! I just took a deep breath of fresh New England air for you.

Elaine said...

my goodness.
hopefully this will clear up soon. I seriously can't imagine it. i just saw the alert on CNN about the fires in CA. you guys need a nice rain shower. ill wish for one for you.