Sunday, January 3, 2010

two weeks peace from work

my two weeks of peace from work-

visiting family
ice skating

mr. gatti's
homemade soup
schweppes ginger ale

sherlock holmes- fun
avatar (3d) - pretty but pointless unless you're going to see it in 3d
nine- so boring
the young victoria- beautiful and a near perfect movie

new tv show addiction- dirty jobs with mike rowe (thank you netflix for having back episodes streaming online)

new years eve- party in valley then drinks at bar

new years day- japanese barbeque with good friend, and long drive to and from listening to:
karl pilkington guide to : law and order (funny)
karl pilkington guide to : the future (flat out hilarious)

books: a brief history of the dead
started: down and out in paris and london
started: sherlock holmes collection

and relaxing watching lots and lots and lots of online TV and old DVDs. please don't make me go back to work tomorrow.

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