Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Here's my post-election hope: that this will be, for the rest of my life, the most important election I will ever vote in.

Yesterday we elected the right man for the job, at a time when we needed it most. My hope is that we are never again in such dire straits as a country that the election is as vital as this year's. That never again will we be at war, in economic ruin, and so divided as a country. That never again will the rest of the world look down on us as the bad guys. That never again will a president have to come in and fix as big a mess as this administration is leaving behind.

Yes, its historic. We elected a black man. But shame on us that its taken this long to get away from white male politics. Let's instead focus on the fact that Obama is smart, capable, and I believe truly wants to make this country great again.