Thursday, November 27, 2008

My letter to Santa's elves.

As a kid we always put our Christmas letters to Santa out at Thanksgiving, hanging them on the lamps flanking the garage door with a piece of bread, and Santa's elves would come collect them. And take a bite out of the bread. (they would get hungry you know, going around the world collecting all of the kids' Christmas lists.)

Of course little did I know that we were the only family that does this! I thought it was a normal tradition. I didn't realize til college that this was not the norm.

So this is my letter to Santa...

The NEW 13" macbook
I went to visit it in the store the other day, and the genius taught me more of its features, and its AMAZING. I would have hugged it but there were too many people around.


Elaine said...

sonia and i both have the macbook. i got mine a couple of month ago and i think she got hers about a month ago..and i speak or both of us when i say they are fabulous.

i can't believe i bothered with PC's after this. Even my laptop sony vaio is no comparison...and i loved that sony vaio.

hokgardner said...

I told people about this tradition at dinner last night and about how I also discovered in college that we were the only family that did this. They all laughed.

I am carrying on the tradition, though. We do it the Sunday after Thanksgiving with the kids.

Keeffer said...

at least let your kids know before they go off to college that this isn't normal. please?