Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I hate insurance companies

I have a massive migraine and went to fill my imitrex prescription. Apparently it's too soon (it's been a month) and my insurance won't pay for it unless my dr calls and tells them it's necessary. Great thing to find out at 7PM when you're in pain and your dr's office is closed. So, I've taken pain pills and am not so much in pain right now. But the pills have caffeine so I'm wide awake when sleep is probably one of the best things for me.   I've been lying in bed in the dark for 3 hours waiting for sleep to come, but my mind us just racing.

I didn't even think of just paying for the imitrex myself until 10PM and my pharmacy is a) 17 miles away and b) closed. Had I not been in so much pain earlier and able to think, I would have thought the $300 or whatever totally worth it. I have to get up in 5 hours for a meeting and it's not going to be pretty if pirate eye* is still going on.

* pirate eye- the nickname given at the office to my migraine status, because I keep one eye closed from the pain.

Point B- my phone auto corrects its to it's every time. And since I'm not sure when you use which one, I just go with it. It's one of those grammar things I've been trying to learn for 20 years and everytime I think ive got it, I find out I've got it backwards.   The following is why I don't care that i'm not great with grammar.

Me: I can't believe I can't remember this, but what's the command for when you need to turn off the line around a picture you've inserted into a drawing? I'm blanking.
Co-worker: imageframe
Me: thanks
Co-worker: I love that I just answered a question for you. You're usually the person who answers all of my questions. I just got to help you.

We all have our specialties and mine happens to be what I do for a living. I'm not great at autocad, but I'm decent enough that people come to me for help. Put that with the fact that I LOVE teaching and helping people, and that's a good combo. I love love love when people come to me with questions and for advice and help. The time management class I just took told me I'm not supposed to help them, or I'm supposed to tell them their problems have to wait til it's convienent for me to answer. But that's stupid because I like helping.

Point F or whatever I'm on now. I hate that the short version of until is till. Why would you drop 2 letters at the front to then add one at the end? That's why I say til.  I can't wait til (see) the autocorrect in my phone gets used to that particular quirk of mine.

And I'm going to call of quits here. As I said, my mind is racing I haven't even written about half the things I'm thinking about right now, but i'll put this entry's readers out of their misery.


soniasax said...

bahahaha pirate eye?! sorry to laugh at your pain, but that's funny!!

Elaine said...

i hate insurance companies too. the premiums are too expensive and the service is too cheap.

good luck with everything.