Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I don't like New Year's Eve

I don't think I ever have. 

There's too much pressure for this night to be more fun than any other night of the year, and its not like Christmas or your birthday where you get presents.  

Ben emailed with a possible New Year's Eve event, which any other night of the year I'd be happy to go to- Little Radio hosting a couple bands (Crystal Antlers being the only one I've seen before, and they're good) at what seems to be a cool venue.  But New Year's Eve means that its going to be crowded and impossible to get cabs.  

I'd rather just go to a party at someone's house where I know at least a few people, have a good time, and then come home.  No pressure to make the night any more special than any other night of the year.  

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I celebrated a New Year's Eve.  Last year I was too deathly ill with the plague to do anything.  I have no memory of anything special any New Year's Eves prior to that.  And in High School I always just used to take a babysitting job (make a FORTUNE) and watch a Marx brothers marathon that one of the channels would always show.  

So, this year, seeing as I'll be relatively healthy and have options for things to do, I probably will go out and celebrate New Year's Eve, just so when people say, "what did you do for new years?" I don't look lame.  But I won't be happy about it.

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Elaine said...

I don't like New Years Eve either. I used to go to parties and watch the ball drop, but I don't. Don't feel lame...just tell people you don't like New Years. Who gives a eff what they think? Lots of people don't like it.

I sit at home and watch The Twilight Zone marathon. And I don't care if anyone thinks I'm a loser for it .
I don't drink, and I'm not partier, I stay home and am comfortable. That's the best way to ring in the new year imo.