Monday, December 15, 2008

sleeping hats

i want to bring back the sleeping hat.  or kerchief or hat or cap or whatever people want to call it.  

living in a house with no heat you realize how cold it can be, and when you're lying in bed freezing, thinking about all the heat escaping out of the top of your head because the covers only come up to your chin, you start to think about wearing hats to sleep.  except they'll fall off unless they have a chin strap.  

this could be easy.  market them as eco-friendly because you can lower your heating bills by preserving your natural body heat.  my co-worker had a great idea to add to it... buy thrift store cashmere sweaters and make them out of those.  that way they're each one of a kind and you can market them as high-end, re-purposed, eco-friendly night hats, and you're in. 

white people would be so in to these.  (i just need a good name.)


knittergran said...

Well, for many centuries, they have been called nightcaps. (not just a drink, you know)

Keeffer said...

as i was falling asleep last night i remembered nightcaps.

i think i could market them with that name without coming up with something clever. if i were able to get the trademark.

Elaine said...

i know a few people who wear nightcaps but they are all black.

knittergran said...

The people or the hats?

soniasax said...

you should totally do it!! back when the heat would break down in my old ghetto apartment- when it was like 10 degrees out- i would wear my hat to sleep. it helped a lot.

Keeffer said...

both the people and the hats knittergran