Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brilliant idea for a book

Or at least I think so.

"the germaphobes guide to being clean"

People are always amused by my cleaning quirks. Like the fact I take
clorox wipes to the laundry basket in between clean and dirty loads.
I could do an entire chapter just on doing laundry, and every
germaphobes wort nightmare- the laundromat.

I think if this book was written cleverly enough, it could be really

I think I would have to survey other germaphobes to get some more
cleaning tips- because I might not have enough quirks.

Chapters I've already thought of:
-the kitchen

I'm going to put some thought into this.


Diane said...

I like the idea! Not only would germaphobes like it... but people who are clean in general. I'm sure you and the people you would talk to would be able offer up simple suggestions on how to clean those pesky areas that are hard to clean. Or how store your shoes in a manageable way without getting all the street grime (germs) everywhere.... or something along those lines. I didn't come up with good examples. :-/

Keeffer said...

i'd kind of do it more tongue in cheek. something that would be sold in the humor section rather than the "how to" section.

i'm trying to figure out whether anal compulsive cleaning tips can be in there, or whether it solely should be based on germ prevention.

Beth said...

Food handling would be a good one too. I saw a guys this weekend "palm" a chicken breast (cooked) and offered it to someone. They ate it. He was playing poker earlier and handling poker chips and also perusing the picnic buffet. Very gross. Nate is extremely cleanly, so I could gather other subject headers from him for sure! Great idea for a book!

Elaine said...

i'd pay for that. i mean, sometimes disinfecting seems brainless...BUT YOU NEVER KNOWWWWWWW!!!

soniasax said...

very good idea. i'm turning into much more of a germaphobe as i get older. i would totally buy a book like that, especially from the humor section.