Saturday, September 19, 2009

i knew i liked method products

I have a migraine. Not the kind that knocks you out. Just the annoying kind where you can't sleep. So here it is 3:30 on a friday night/saturday morning and I'm doing web research on soaps and cleaning products.

I stumbled across this on the method soaps FAQs and got a kick out of it. I'm almost tempted to sign up for the "email me if this answer is updated" option.

Anyway, it all started with research in to dr. bronner's magic soaps after seeing them mentioned in the comments section on Terminal Man's blog. I think they might be a little too hippie for me. So I started researching the savon de Marseille I used to use after my mom found it in Ashville. I think I still like it the best, but it's hard to find. I switched to the Olive Leaf soap made by Method, and am quite happy with it. (I went to their website to check out the environmental/organic aspect of it. It isn't listed as organic, but at least it doesn't have any parabens. For someone who eats as much fast food and drinks as much coke as I do, you think I wouldn't be that concerned with what goes ON my skin.)

Step by step I try to be a little more environmentally friendly. I guess cleaning products and health and beauty products are going to be my new thing. Yes, I feel insanely guilty every time I use the swiffer and the swiffer wet jet. But at least I use the broom and dustpan first to get the first layer of stuff. Plus, I tell myself that washing reusable pads uses water AND soap. (flimsy excuse I know.)

Sometimes I feel like environmentalism is too ridiculous and people take it too far, but for the things I can do, I will. I recently started timing my showers, and honestly I will never be able to take a 5 minute shower. I think the people who have come up with the 5 minute shower idea are men who don't have to shave their legs. So far I've gotten it down to 7 minutes. At least that's something.

Next up- the magic eraser. Obviously don't let your kids rub it all over their skin, but is a little elbow grease really going to kill anyone? (I really don't know that I'm ever going to be able to give up the magic eraser. But we'll see.)


Runner Dude said...

7 minute shower? That is hard to believe. Are you sure it isn't 17 minutes?

soniasax said...

Hmm, I'll have to check out Method products. I've gotten lazy about making soap. I think it's great that you're going with more natural soap. I've always used it because I think it's better for my skin, but it's a good point that it's also better for the environment. Now, I just I wish I could find a better natural shampoo and conditioner.