Tuesday, September 1, 2009

light my fire

some pictures from the AP and Reuters of the fires. scenes from my world.

From south of downtown looking North towards the Station fire. My neighborhood is slightly northwest of the last building to the left. On any other day, you'd be able to see hills and mountains. Today, those hills and mountains are on fire.

looking south into downtown. see, just gross. not even close to what you're typical smog day is like.

smoke from the Station Fire rising up from behind the Hollywood sign. the smoke from this fire started rising up about 15 miles east of here, and every day it's further and further west. at night, i can see the flames from these fires as i'm driving home from work.

more of the smoke rising up from the Station Fire. how more people aren't having breathing issues i'll never know.

and no- this isn't a scene from my world... but the phrase "resistance is futile" comes to mind. this is a firefighter driving away from the Station Fire.

right now they're trying to protect Mount Wilson. We lose that cell signals will start going. TV signals start going. plus, some really cool astronomy stuff. And the JPL facility is closed (and potentially threatened) due to the fires too. i guess at some point this all has to end, but i don't know if they even see the light at the end of the tunnel.


hokgardner said...

Those pictures are unbelievable. ANd I'm with you - I'd be sitting somewhere watching. How can people just go on about their normal days?

Diane said...

My Update: Our fires have died down! There wasn't even smoke coming home today! My brother's friend's house sustained minor damage. A gazebo burned down and they broke a TV while they were getting stuff out of the house. All in all... AWESOME news! I want to send all of the firefighters Thank You cards and cookies!

After everyone got home from work yesterday the world did stop... it was a multi-neighborhood block party. Everyone was outside sharing their hypothesis on what was really going on.

Craziest bit of news: The Station Fire is creating "weather" here. Our increased winds are from the fire in LA. That's how big it has gotten.

I hope tonight your firefighters have the same success as we've had out here. If you want to escape to semi-cleaner air, just let me know!

soniasax said...

those pictures are amazing.

i'd never live in l.a. i know there are great things about the city. but yeah, no.

Elaine said...

those are amazing pictures.

its just like with hurricanes...these fires happen every..single...year. and there is just nothing anyone can do about it.