Saturday, September 19, 2009

my picks for the emmys

i forgot all about the fact that i touched a real life emmy award last weekend. some guy at the short stop had won one (they did the awards for the technical stuff and reality programs last weekend) and was out celebrating. he worked on project runway doing something. i didn't ask too many questions. they're big awards.

anyway, i was going to do this whole elaborate "my picks for the emmys" post, until i realized i haven't watched half the shows that are nominated.


alec baldwin- you deserve to win for jack on 30 rock. you, hands down, have the best character on television right now. and you play him to absolute perfection.

tina fey- you just rule. i love watching liz try to control the crazy every week. i love watching her struggle with trying to maintain friendships with people she's supposed to boss around. i love watching her deal with an insane boss. i would be lying if i said i couldn't identify a little (okay a lot) with liz.

30 rock- hands down the funniest show on TV right now. some weeks the office is a little stronger, but overall 30 rock wins.

supporting actor in a comedy series- here's where the office beats 30 rock. where would the office be without dwight? and who could play dwight better than rainn wilson? nowhere and no one. watching him fight andy for angela has been a treat.

supporting actress in a comedy series- kristin chenoweth for pushing daisies. i loved watching her this past season in the habit, having to keep the secret of lily being chuck's mom, in the baking competition, wanting to be emerson cod's sidekick, trying to be chuck's friend while still loving ned, and so much more. she was just perfection.


Mad Men- absolutely excellent in every way. the men are all so smarmy and such pigs. you hope they're really good actors and that men have evolved enough and that in 2010 (almost) they don't really think/act the way they do on that show. thank god the workplace has evolved, at least as much as it has.

which also leads me to follow up with saying that elizabeth moss NEEDS to win for peggy on mad men. the only female character on the show with strength (which is kind of the point) and so much fun to see a woman breaking in to the mens' workplace.

anyway- those are the the people/shows i pick. of course i haven't seen the past season of weeds, big love, the big bang theory or flight of the conchords. i'm a little behind on my netflix (what with catching up with 7 discs of gossip girl and all.)


Elaine said...

good picks! 30 Rock always I think you won't be disappointed in that area. I can't watch some of these award shows anymore. All I can handle are the Golden Globes and Oscars..and they are long enough to give me my fill till the next year.

Keeffer said...

i'm not watching the awards either. i looked at the red carpet pictures, but that's it. i used to love watching the show, but they're too long. maybe i'll youtube some acceptance speeches.

i already know tina fey lost. how could anyone else win?