Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For my mom

who has no idea what my taste in guys is... so that she stops suggesting men like michael weatherly.

in no particular order (because of formatting issues)

Gary Lightbody- my most longstanding, most favorite of all.

Ryan Reynolds- who should not be married to Scarlett Johanssen

Chris Pine- Thank God for Star Trek, because watching the Princess Diaries 2 to see him is a little embarrassing.

Joshua Jackson- I never watched Dawson's Creek, so I've only recently come to appreciate his greatness.

Cillian Murphy- can sit next to me on a plane any time. (he looks better in movies than he does in still pictures.)

And Gerard Butler- who is just perfect.

So there you go mom. Next time you want to suggest I find a famous guy (since apparently you think actors are in my realm and i can stumble across) to date- use them as your jumping off point.


knittergran said...

Oh don't worry. Hollywood marriages don't last and then you will be able to grab up Ryan Reynolds!

Diane said...

wow... we have VERY similar taste! I'm surprised by your selections! Now if someone could make a disaster movie with all of these men having their own plot... hmmm.

Elaine said...

i second the comment on ryan reynolds. although he may try to may it work with her because of her huge ta-ta's. (she's overweight, i dont care what anyone says!).

i noticed you left joaquin phoenix it because he decided to become a rapper/hobo?

Beth said...

What about Sean Mercer?