Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my sister had my child.

i know it sounds like the title of a maury povich episode, or at least a headline on a real, old-fashioned tabloid, but it's true. my sister had my child.

my sister's second daughter, lily, is the spitting image of me. sometimes it is a little weird. i will find myself flipping through my sister's latest kodak gallery, seeing lily looking just mostly like me and then all of the sudden... wham! a picture that is like looking in a mirror with a 26 year way-back feature.

what's even funnier about this is she got a fair few of my personality traits too. she loves to dress up as dorothy from the wizard of oz. she takes ballet. and as my sister puts it, she's a bit of a drama queen. (of course i don't remember being a drama queen. i remember having an older sister who bossed me around a lot because she thought she knew everything because she was 7 years older.)

anyway, this of course leads me to stand up for lily more than i will stand up for her older sister. my sister doesn't understand what it is like to be the younger child, bossed around by an older sister who thinks she knows everything. i'll always be there to buy her ruby slippers, to point out lily's side of the story, and show her what she'll look like in 26 years.


hokgardner said...

And Lily is lucky to have you for an aunt. Everyone needs to have a special grown-up in their life to take their side of things.

Elaine said...

oh boy, I don't know if society can handle a little clone sarah. watch out world.

soniasax said...

I love it. So cool how genes work. I agree that Lily is lucky to have you.

I've looked for signs of Sonia in my niece, but I don't see anything yet. The second niece is due on March.....