Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stuff I'm missing.

Stuff I'm missing.

I'm writing a blog about the stuff I'm missing in the hopes that the cosmos decides to return them to me.

A) my clogs. Comfortable, butt ugly shoes.
B) white ballet flats with green polka dots
C) pearl necklace (I have a very pretty new one but I'd still like the old one back too.)
D) summer purse. It was the perfect summer purse.
E) cake CD- comfort eagle. Could be in my parents basement.
F) second Franz Ferdinand cd. Again, could be in my parents basement.
G) beck cd- the information. Definitely not in my parent's basement because I purchased it here.

That's all I can think of for right now but I know there's more. We'll see if anything turns up.


runnerdude said...

If I find the Cake CD I will have to rip it to itunes before I send it to you.

soniasax said...

i lost a pearl necklace, too! and a number of CD's. they seem to escape whenever i move. i hope you can find some of this stuff.

Carrie Bradshaw said...

i can make a copy of the franz ferdinand cd if you want. you'd have to wait for it to be shipped across the country but its worth it.

hokgardner said...

Maybe your stuff is hiding with the ball of Noro sock yarn mom gave me for Christmas. I can't find it anywhere. And a shirt of Brandon's went missing before he even had a chance to wear it.