Thursday, August 28, 2008


I was reading (While you are engulfed in flames) while eating lunch
today and someone asked me how many books I read per year. That's a
hard question to answer. I hesitate to count anything I re-read in
that count. I'd hate to count trash like a janet evanovich book or a
queen/princess in distress historical novel. And this year if you
factor in that it took me 3 months to finish War and Peace, I bet I'll
probably clear 20 new, worthwhile books in 2008.

I think that's pathetic. But then I have to remind myself, "hey,
you're still way ahead of the average American and B you've read War
and Peace."

If you factor in the junk and rereading stuff, I bet it's closer to 60
books a year. I think maybe I should try to sway the percentages of
junk v good in the other direction, but sometimes it's just good to
clear your brain.


soniasax said...

Holy moly. If 20-60 books is pathetic, then I'm super uber massively pathetic! I've read 10-12 books in total.

Elaine said...

ive read a lot of books this year if you count school related stuff.

and considering you have a stressful job, a social life, a commute, and you do need to sleep and eat...60 is damn good.