Wednesday, August 27, 2008


September is going to be great.

1- new Ricky Gervais podcast
2- new Ricky Gervais movie Ghostown
3- the return of The Office
4- the return of Chuck
5- the return of Bones
6- the return of 30 Rock

And the #1 reason September is going to rule is that I'll be living at
home again.

Okay- I'm not sure if all those TV shows will be back in September but
close enough. And living at home again will be great. I miss my bed. I
miss my clothes (having all of them and not just what I've packed.) I
am so tired of pet hair. And living on a dog's schedule. My allergies
are insane right now. I miss my computer, little that it works.
September I might actually buy a new MacBook.

Preview of why October will be great - the Wordy Shipmates by Sarah
Vowell on the 7th.


soniasax said...

*phew* for a brief moment, i thought "living at home" meant moving back to atlanta! then i regained my senses.

hokgardner said...

Don't forget the return of Pushing Daisies and Ugly Betty.

And I can't wait for the Sarah Vowell book either. I just re-read Take the Canoli.

Elaine said...

yesss 30 rock. can't freaking wait.