Sunday, August 31, 2008

Death's Doorstep

I am on death's doorstep.

I was sick Wednesday with stomach issues and they have come back a
million times worse. I woke up this morning sick, but dragged myself
out of bed to help ben and Allen move. With as sick as I was, i'm not
sure I was much help. I left because I could feel myself getting worse
and I was miserable with the heat being as bad as it was. So I stopped
by the store and picked up 4 bottles of Gatorade and then went back to
my apartment and passed out for 3 hours. I felt a little better after

But now it's 3:45 in the morning. The stomach issues are worse begging
the question "how can there be anything left in there?" I'm
alternately so cold I feel I'll never get warm and so hot that I sweat
through my clothes.

If doctors still made house calls I'd make one come see me. I want to
call my mom and cry. But even if it weren't 6:45 in the morning there,
she still wouldn't be able to actually do anything.

I just want some sleep but instead I've been lying in bed shivering
and sweating. And I can feel another migraine coming on. This is the
worst weekend.


Elaine said...

oh jeez. i hope you feel better. stomach issues are the worst. i hope you don't have food poisoning.

soniasax said...

oh no, how awful. i hope you're getting better.

knittergran said...

So did you died? Update please...

knittergran said...

And don't forget the acidopholus.