Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 1- Kinoki

i've been very intrigued by these Kinoki foot detoxifying things. you put them on your feet while you sleep and they're supposed to wick the toxins from your body.  almost everyone i've talked to has been curious about them too.  i bought them for a white elephant party i had to go to, and i wanted them for myself. 

well, i decided to start out the new year by detoxifying my feet, even though i know they're a crock.  BUT- how do they know?  that's what i want to know.  they're supposed to get lighter each day as you use them, as they've pulled more toxins out of your body.  so if they're not really doing anything, how do they know to get lighter?

so- (gross picture) here's day 1's results. i'm not going to post them each day, but give you overviews when i think that there's been a change in color.  of course, if there's anyone who has toxins in her body- its me, and i may be too damaged to be cleaned up in just 14 days of pads on the bottom of my feet.  i'm probably a bad test subject. 

fyi- they make your feet smell funny.  



Elaine said...

this is disturbing.

soniasax said...


i am looking forward to the updates.

Diane said...

I hate feet. I don't know what is more gross... that pic or knowing they make your feet smell. Is it a bad smell or a plastic-y smell?

That said... I'm looking forward to the updates as well!

Keeffer said...

they smell kind of herb-ey. but bad medicinal herbs. not something you'd want to eat.

knittergran said...

Have you been smoking tobacco? That's what the color looks like.