Sunday, April 19, 2009

moved in!

with only a few flukes.  

leslie and ben locking keys in the uhaul while they were at ikea being the best of them.

now we are only dealing with the fact that we don't know where to put anything, because there's too much room.  our living room is basically the size of our entire old apartment minus the bedrooms.  it looks completely empty with just the TV, sofa and pong chair. 

we're still trying to get the wireless router to work so we don't have to plug directly in to the cable for internet.  we can't get the DVR to work.  ben thinks its because our TV is too old.  i don't know. 

i think today i'm going to stay here organizing and cleaning and putting stuff away.  i want to get everything i already have here sorted before bringing more in to the mess.  i still have a few boxes over at the other place. 

my goal is to not have leslie refer to my new room as "post-katrina new orleans."  like she did my last. 

now to pry myself away from watching the 5th element for the 20th time.  cable- sweet cable.


knittergran said...

Pictures please!
And Leslie's comment made me laugh out loud, because I know what she means!
But you can laugh at us. Our bedroom is completely finished, but the tempurpedic mattress REEKS and we can't sleep in there yet.

Elaine said...

yes to cable.