Sunday, April 12, 2009

my new room

i have to adjust the drawing, as i've realized my doors are smaller (which is good, more floor space.) but this is my room with my existing furniture. 

list of things i need for my new room (my room is priority #1. i have lived in a small, unfurnishable room for two and a half years, i want a REAL room.)

1. nightstand (or 2 now that i have more room because of shorter doors) 
2. window treatments (a. one set for privacy b. one set for looks- blinds AND drapes)
3. new bedclothes
4. new dresser- larger
5. new bookshelf- larger
6. lamps
7. art

i realize i can't buy all of this at once, not even close- but i'm going to start putting money aside to buy nice, new furniture.  i want to feel like a grown up. 

this apartment is worthy of having real furniture, and i can't wait to make it look like a real home.  


soniasax said...

that closet looks really big!

Elaine said...

lol...i love that you made this blueprint.

Beth said...

You forgot to add all the knick knacks, clothes, jewelry and books all over the floor.