Friday, April 24, 2009

taking a day off

i started getting a massive headache yesterday at work, and at about 4:30 i decided it was time to cut out and come home.  came home- watched an episode of gilmore girls (a really good one too- i love cable.), and got in to bed.  

woke up today with the massive headache still there.  not one of the stabbing migraines- but one of the tension headaches where its just like my brain is a balloon and someone decided to inflate it inside my head, but my skull doesn't give.  my neurologist says they're a different type of migraine.  the problem with these is that if i can't nip them in the bud, they turn in to the stabbing migraines.  i'm entering hour 25 of this stupid headache, and nothing is working.  

i gave up coke yesterday, and i drank one just to see if that would even help, and no luck. 

i can't say i've minded the day in bed.  my 10 oclock meeting emailed at 6:30 saying "let's not meet" and i was beyond ecstatic.  only 34 emails so far.  5 phone calls.  i've started watching buffy the vampire slayer on hulu, and gossip girl because jeanette lent leslie the DVDs.  and naps.  i keep waking up and having to backtrack on shows.  

i'm supposed to go to a bonfire at the beach tonight for my friend kristin's last day in LA (she's headed back to brooklyn in the morning.) but i don't know if i'll make that.  it was going to be my first time to the beach since i've moved here.  

this weekend if i feel better its going to be another trip to home depot to look at curtain rods.  a trip to ikea to get another blanket .  its this really gossamer stretchy fabric, and i'm going to use them as my window treatments.  

i'm also going to finish putting together this.  that way leslie and i can actually unpack all of our books.  and i'm going to go over to the old place and bring over the last of the stuff and do a final clean.  i'm looking forward to being settled.  i'm so close to being able to unpack completely, then the matter will just be making it more like i actually live here.  you know, decorative stuff and pictures on the wall.  i want to paint my bedroom- and hang up some prints.  i want my room to be all whites, light blues and greens- with red accents where applicable.  very tranquil, very relaxing.  we'll see.  i'm not buying any furniture that isn't perfect, and i'll take my time.  

now- i'm going back to bed. 


Elaine said...

sleep sleep and sleep. moving is stressful as hell and your body is telling you to stop overworking it!

soniasax said...

i like the ikea shelf. i hope you're better at putting that stuff together than i am.

and i hope your head feels better by now.