Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Netflix is the greatest thing ever.

I'm lying in bed watching "A Different World" thinking about how much
I love this show and how much I'd love to watch all the episodes
again. And then I thought "but I don't want to buy them" and then
realized "but I don't have to!"

I've added season 1 to my queue. I can't wait. (although the show's
greatest episode is when Dwayne stops Whitley's wedding. I dont know
what season that one is on but that one i really can't wait for.)


hokgardner said...

So mom loves ALF, and you love A Different World.

Who are you people, and how am I related to you?

soniasax said...

first of all, i love that you're lying in bed watching a different world. that just sounds so delightful. also, i kinda understand the joy you feel, because when i recently rented season one of silver spoons, i was filled with so much 80's sitcom joy, i could barely contain myself. <3 netflix!