Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I freaking love this band. I've seen them do only one show better than
this one (drunken unicorn in Atlanta.) that show still ranks in my
top 5 favorite shows ever.

Last night nick was more in to just playing and doing the new stuff
than in bantering with the crowd. (Nick's stage banter is better than
most so you do miss something when he's not trying to connect with the
audience.) I finally forgive Aaron for replacing J'aime. I was
watching him drum last night and he's amazing.

I think Nick is completely over "Return to the Sea." They only played
3 songs from it and before "Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby" he made a
comment about the song being dated.

Its kind of sad that they didn't play any non-album songs. I always
liked hearing the stuff that they hadn't recorded yet. I need to go
back to the bootleg archive and see if there's any stuff I'm missing.

Set list:
The Arm
Kids Don't Know Shit
Where There's a Will There's a Whalebone
Pieces of You
In the Rushes
Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby
Abominable Snowman
We Swim

Rough Gem

Anyway, tonight I'm going to try to get in for Th'corn Gangg show.
Absolutely cannot wait for that.

And I got the best piece of band merch ever- a tote bag. (sorry mae-
shi your noise makers are cool.) t shirts you can only wear every so
often. You can carry the tote bag every day. And I was getting a
little bored with my coconut records one so its time for a switch. Its
a little too big but I'll make do.

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