Thursday, June 5, 2008


We're going to Vegas. I rented Ocean's''s' 13 to watch to get me
ready. And last night I watched the Vegas episode of Bones.

But I'm planning on being exhausted come Monday. I'm still tired from
earlier in the week. I'll be at work late tonight. Then home to do
laundry. (not at 2am again) then back in to work and put in at least 4
hours before leaving at 11.

Lounging by the pool in the day sounds like a good idea, but I do want
to go out and actually see some stuff.

Next weekend I'm taking off. I have to go out to dinner on Friday. And
I'm going to see the happening. And Sunday dinner at a friend's but
other than that- nothing. And I'm going to make sure it stays that
way. I need a break.

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istillpreferhillarybutalright,...illvoteforobama said...

oooh, have a great time! do a slot for me.