Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love my clothing

I'm very particular about my clothes. I always have been. If I own
something its because I love it.

So when my clothing gets stolen from the dryer at the laundrymat I get
a little angry.

I felt no guilt going shopping yesterday and buying $100 worth of
stuff at the gap. (they're having an AMAZING sale so I got quite a
bit. I could have bought more but any more money and I would have felt

It still doesnt make up for the fact that someone took my clothes and
I can't even fully figure out what's missing. They did get my favorite
pajama bottoms and my really nice organic cotton pillow cases AND my
bathrobe. Of course the bathrobe has seen better days so that I can't
be too upset about. (Except that bathrobes are expensive and
uninteresting. Who wants to buy something useful? Yes, I do spend a
lot of my time in my bathrobe, but still.)

The good thing is that I don't put the majority of my clothes in the
dryer. All of my favorite tshirts get hung up to dry. Dittomy work
stuff. And luckily this time I didnt put my jeans in the dryer. I
would have been really upset if I'd lost my jeans.

My mom says to feel sorry for someone who has been reduced to stealing
clothes from dryers at laundrymats. And I do. Just I wish they'd
stolen someone else's clothes.


hokgardner said...

When/if you replace your robe, I highly recommend getting a Barefoot Dreams one. They're expensive, but they are so worth the money. I lurv mine, and when it wears out, I'll be buying a new one - or stealing B's.

knittergran said...

Well, I did also say that they deserved what they got-imagine their surprise when they see that old, old, worn-out bathrobe. And pillowcases??? Won't they be disappointed...

Elaine said...

someone has to be really desperate to do that. I almost feel sorry for them but now really because I'm pissed that this happened to you.

its probably a good time to buy more stuff this weekend with the holiday sales.

soniasax said...

Oh man, that's a wicked bummer. Good excuse to shop, though! $100 at the Gap isn't too over the top anyway.