Sunday, September 7, 2008

long blog

its been awhile since i sat down to a computer to write a blog. i haven't actually been at home in front of my computer for a month, so everything i've been posting is just spur of the moment from my phone.

why haven't i been at home in front of my computer for a month? house sitting. okay- house sitting- extra money is always nice, but this time it was too long of a stretch away from my life, and it took too big of a toll on me. my allergies ended up being out of control, and by the end i was just permanently sick. (and then throw in the food poisoning on top of that and its not a good combination.) of the 31 days of august, i think i counted up that i was away from home for 26 of them. so i was away from my things, and the only clothing i had with me was what i had packed. not to mention the fact that i was going back and forth between two houses at the end.

and, i can't say that i'm the biggest fan of animals. i don't understand owning them. they provide (to me at least) no enjoyment, and cause only trouble. you have to wake up to feed them, keep them from barking (dogs that is) and they're completely disgusting. its too stressful leading your life around having to go home every certain number of hours to let the animals out and feed them, make sure they didn't destroy anything, and then pick up their fecal matter after them when you're walking them. ugh, and don't get me started on cleaning litter boxes. i will never own a pet. gross.

part 2 of this blog- i want to read a really scary book. something that makes me so scared i have to get out of bed to make sure our front door is locked, but so scared that i'm sure i'll be murdered in my living room on the way to check. i love being scared occasionally, and right now is one of those times. its just hard to tell what's going to scare me. i remember reading Jurassic park in high school, and being too scared to go downstairs and put laundry in the dryer. i KNEW that there was going to be a velociraptor waiting for me in the laundry room and i would be ripped to shreds. i've never read a stephen king book, so i don't know if any of those would scare me, but honestly they're too long for me to commit any time to. i need suggestions.

part 3- i made it through the fast food ban, but i'm still limiting my coke intake. even now, i'm still only letting myself have fast food once a week. its been easy since i've had food poisoning, so we'll see how it goes once my stomach works again. new ban- no pizza for the month of september. i eat pizza too often because its easy- and i don't really enjoy it at all anymore. if i stop eating it for awhile, maybe i'll start actually enjoying it again.

oh well, that's all for now. i'm sure i'll come up with more later.


soniasax said...

well hey, you don't feel an affinity with animals. some people just don't. my cat brings me lots of enjoyment and almost zero hassle. i can't imagine life without an animal in the house.
no recommendation on the scary book, but let me know if you find one. this time last year, i read "something wicked this way comes" by ray bradbury. it was scary, but i wouldn't say it was terrifying in the way you're looking for.

knittergran said...

I copied and pasted the pet section and sent it to Kathy. She is on your side in this!!!

Elaine said...

the only book i can think of that scared me a little was bret easton ellis "lunar eclipse". it just freaked me out.

i cant think of anything else at the moment.

i think sometimes animals are like kids (i know one is human and cute, and is a bit more serious) but i mean in terms of "if its yours, you wont find the little things annoying". i admit, sometimes i feel bad keeping my cat inside, but with the way things are i think im doing the best thing that can be done for her. otherwise she'd either be an alley cat creating more of herself or roadkill.