Wednesday, July 2, 2008

White Ninja

I read cartoons. Not graphic novels, but the stuff you see in the
paper or the new yorker etc. This topic is a blog I've been meaning to
write for awhile and I'll fully go into it later.

Anyway, I was at B&N picking up the new Dilbert and Get Fuzzy books
and noticed White Ninja on the shelf. Half are pointlessly stupid.
The "were going to do something that doesn't make sense and it will be
funny because its so random" kind of pointlessly stupid. Like the
family guy (which isn't funny.) Half are hilarious. Worth every dime
of my ten bucks.

Its been around long enough to get a whole book published so I'm sure
I'm late to this discovery. Anyway. . .

Maybe you'll laugh.

Also I bet one eyed people can't use iPhones. The way the key board
works you have to have good depth perception. I realized this just now
because I'm tired and I'm trying to type with one eye shut and I'm
making enough mistakes that its auto correcting to the wrong word most
of the time.

1 comment:

Elaine said...

I always loved the randomness of white ninja. I haven't read it in years though. I should go back to that and Pearls Before Swine. I stopped thinking about them once I stopped livejournal. which was 2 years ago.

And I love Family Guy :/
I used to not...but now there is something really endearing about the nuttiness of the characters.