Thursday, September 18, 2008


my car goes in for service tomorrow. its been making funny noises for quite some time, but there hasn't been a single day in which i haven't had a meeting so that i could take it in. finally yesterday i realized, "i have no meetings."

i hope its not expensive, but whatever. fixing it before i breakdown on the side of the road is A) safer and B) more cost effective in the long run. i want to get another 2 years, hopefully 3, out of this car before i get something new.

i'd say i love my car, but honestly i don't. i WOULD love my car, but i don't like things that have been wrecked and are now fixed. 2 of the accidents are my fault. but the drunk driver killed my love for my car. when she wrecked it, i honestly wanted a new car. not one that my insurance company paid $9,000 to have put back together. nothing has been the same since. my door rattles if i play music too loudly. my dashboard rattles randomly, about 80% of the time. my windows sometimes scrape as i put them up and down. i want something unblemished, where if there are imperfections, they're all my fault. i'm not one for driving fancy cars, especially not in LA where your car is going to get scraped in the parking lot, but i want one that doesn't have 3 new body panels and a new hood.

plus i want one with heated seats and an ipod connection. i'll pay extra for those.

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Elaine said...

omg, i didnt know you needed a new hood. your car is like frankenstein.

you want heated seats, I wanted a heated steering wheel.