Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The problem with weekends...

The problem with my weekends is actually my week. I leave my house by
8 AM every morning and get back by 7 PM at the earliest. That doesn't
leave too much time to get stuff done. Hair appointments, oil changes,
laundry, grocery shopping etc.

So I leave it til the weekend. Then on the weekend I want to just
relax, which does not include laundry, oil changes, grocery shopping,
etc. So nothing ever gets done.

On the weekends I want to sleep, go to the movies, go to Barnes and
Noble, catch up on sleep, hang out with friends. Not errands. Which is
why my car is making funny noises. My apartment isn't clean. I haven't
mailed a baby gift for a friend's baby. That baby just celebrated her
first birthday. This is why I am down to just one clean towel and I'm
running out of clothing.

I need better weekday time management or to make myself do stuff on
week nights.

Part 2- I love drug names. New drug for bi-polar disorder- Abilify.
That might be the best drug name ever.


Elaine said...

i used to have that exact problem and thats part of why I hated living in the city...the city is fun, but its rare that you have your own washer/dryer..and that saves SO much time.

i dont wait for the weekends anymore. i do everything after work even though I am dead tired. then ill save one thing for the weekend....like an oil change...because otherwise my car will inevitably blow up due to lack of care.

soniasax said...

that totally happens to me, but mainly with cleaning. i need lots of time to get motivated to clean the bathroom, or vaccum or whatever. it's not gonna happen on a weeknight, and i hate wasting the weekend on it. we need maids.