Monday, September 29, 2008

Is it the same?

A few years ago I got myself in to credit card debt. Some of it is
legitimate medical bills. Some of it is buying stuff I couldn't afford
while making NO money at my job in Atlanta and trying to pay for a car
and an apartment. Then once you buy the stuff, you get smacked with
intrest charges and what you thought you owed grows faster than you
ever imagined possible.

So I took charge and looked in to both debt management and bankruptcy.
Because I was making so little I technically was eligible for
bankruptcy, but I decided that debt consolidation was my best option.
I'm paying $x a month for 5 years. I have 22 payments left, but I'll
probably pay it off early.

Technically, I got a bail out. A bail out I'm making good on. The
credit card companies are still getting all their money back, plus
interest. I had bad money management skills and I used other peoples'
money to fix it.

So I feel like I have no right to be upset that Wall Street and the
banks are getting bailed out. They made bad decisions, but so did I. I
shouldn't be so pissed that I'm going to be fiscally punished for
years to come for the repercussions of the US going even further in to
debt to hand greedy bastards $700 billion, but I am. I hate that the
country will be screwed for years and years and years to come because
of this.

I also hate that I don't understand economics enough to know whether
or not we really need to bail them out. Then again, neither do the
people in charge.

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