Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Funniest Thing of the Day-

We all need to appreciate the funny things in life.

This is why I generally pay attention to what makes me laugh each day- and then tell that person, "this is my funniest thing today." Whether its something they did or something they said I let them know its the thing that's made me laugh the hardest.

What I really need to start doing is keeping track. It does me no good to award my "Funniest Thing of the Day" if I'm not going to remember it by the time I get home from work.

Today's I know happened- I was at my co-worker EM's desk. She and I both laughed really hard. But at what? No clue. Today's was bad that my really annoying laugh that I hate when I do happened. (wow, that's a bad sentence.) Anyway- yet another thing that's going to drive me nuts as I fall asleep tonight (see previous blog for actor in Fringe and Cake cutting question.)

Part 2- LinkedIn- Leslie sent me an invitiation to add her to Linkedin today. Which I of course accepted. I have some random contacts in there. An engineer I work with in Omaha, an old co-worker from Smallwood, my uncle, and now Leslie. So I decided to go through and add a bunch of people from my e-mail contact list.

Now- will we really ever help each other's careers? I don't know. Is it just facebook for adults with jobs? I don't know that either. But it can't hurt- right?

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Elaine said...

haha, i also received an invite to linkedin and i accepted. i dont know what it is, but I have one friend so thats good enough. maybe you can be my second one?

there are so many network sites now. i dont know if ill actually use it either.