Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fringe and other stuff.

I liked it.

It's going to draw some X-Files comparisons, as it should, but it is different enough to not be a complete rip-off. Parts of it were laughable, but Dawson's Creek guy's character was a good foil to the ridiculousness. Some parts were very predictable, but it's TV. I'll watch it again for sure.

BUT- then came something that leads people to say, "there are too many channels" and things of that nature. A game show where people have to make their bodies into certain shapes to fit through holes in walls, and if they aren't successful they get pushed into a pool. I watched it for 10 minutes before thinking, "wait, what?" and turning it off. Seriously, people watch that?

Part three of this is my pet peeve (if you can call it that.) There was a guy on Fringe who I recognize from somewhere, just I can't place him. Usually I like to wait until it comes to me, as kind of a brain exercise, but its not coming to me. The full cast isn't up on IMDB yet, so I haven't been able to cheat and figure it out, and its driving me nuts.

Part 4- sometimes I hate being the "smart" friend. I admit- most of the time I like it. I like being the one people go to for answers, except for when I don't have them. Today I get a call from my old roommate Jessica. "Hey Mensa* girl- I have a problem I need you to solve." They were playing Cranium and they couldn't come up with the answer to the problem, and she was asking me if I could figure it out. I can't. I'm stumped. And now I feel stupid. I'm sure an 8 year old could solve it in two seconds.

Cut a cake in 8 slices using 3 cuts. 1 horizontal and 2 vertical that can cross each other. My questions- is the cake round? and do the pieces have to be equal in size? answers to both- card didn't say. I can only come up with 7 pieces. I'm hoping that Jessica gave the question to me wrong- because otherwise I'm dumb. I refuse to cheat and look it up on the internet.

*I maintain for the record- I AM NOT IN MENSA.


EdLoach said...

Isn't "How do you cut a cake in 8 slices using 3 cuts" the question and "1 horizontal and 2 vertical" the answer?

One vertical cut cuts the cake in half. A second vertical cut at right angles to the first cuts the cake into quarters. A horizontal cut through the whole cake halves each quarter, so you now have eight slices.

runnerdude said...

"I maintain for the record- I AM NOT IN MENSA." What a cop out use of semantics. You took the test and passed. You can not put the genie back in the bottle and deny it.