Monday, October 6, 2008

I have a niece!

Okay, so I have three nieces. But this one is new.

Elizabeth Anne*. She's early, and in the NICU until she can breathe on her own, but she'll be fine.

The good thing about her being a girl, I won't have to start saying, "my nieces and nephews." "My nieces and nephew" will still work. Poor Campbell. If only he'd gotten a partner in crime. Now he's just got one more girl. At least this one won't be able to dress him up in girl's clothing and put bows in his hair like his older ones have done.

*I'm going to try to ignore that my sister took my name.


soniasax said...


And hey, she can be Campbell's female partner in crime!

Elaine said...

im glad she is doing well...she just couldnt wait to get into this world.

i know so many people with a 10-8 birthday, very popular day!