Friday, October 17, 2008

Two hours and 45 minutes

Until I'm safe from jury duty. They've called jurors for 4 trials
today. Two for 20 days, one for 17 days and one for 11 days. The
people who have left the room have never come back. Those poor, poor
souls. I cannot even comprehend trying to put my work life together
enough to be gone for that long.

Lots of people are asleep. The man next to me is snoring loudly. Most
people are reading or on laptops. It's freezing cold but the only
thing hot to drink is hot chocolate and it's disgusting.

I've finished "The Wordy Shipmates" and now am going to start on
"Issac's Storm.".

If I was at work I would be at a party for the move in for a space
I've spent the past 6 months on. I hope I get a chance to see it
finished since I'm missing it today. I hear it looks fantastic.

And now as I send this to post I have two hours and 33 minutes to go.
Cross your fingers for me!

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