Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Less than 7 days

Fewer than 168 hours

Until we know, for better or for worse, who our next president will be.

Please please please let it be Obama.

One of my friends was a staunch Hillary supporter and switched to
McCain after she lost the democratic nomination (stupid- I know.)
Today he admitted that Sarah Palin has made it impossible for him to
vote for McCain and he will be voting for Obama. Praise Palin for the
role she's playing if a lot of people end up thinking the way he does.

I do feel bad for Obama. Say he wins, he has a very tough road ahead
of him. A
lot to clean up, fix, and undo. And if he doesn't turn everything
around immediately he'll be seen as a failure by those who don't see
big picture.

I have absolute faith that when I cast my vote on Tuesday I'm making
the right choice for my country. I hope the rest of the country agrees
with me.

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Diane said...

Palin is playing a bigger role in this election than a lot of people anticipated. I think that bodes well for Obama.

I am hoping that people will be able to see the bigger picture. They should realize that the new President is going to have a lot of problems to fix and he may not be able to do it in the first year of his term.